Fundraising is an activity that is ongoing to provide funds for Scouting activities and to maintain our Scout Halls.  There are currently three major fundraising activities each year: the Lisvane Festival Fete, Bonfire and Firework Display and Scout Post. These activities are organised by the Group Executive and Leaders.  Other smaller activities may raise funds, check your emails for details. Any ideas for new fundraising initiatives, speak to a Leader or a member of the Group Executive.  We also raise money for other charities as part of our ethos to “Help other people”.

Volunteers are always being sought for these fundraising activities.  Please respond to requests for volunteers if you can – helping out before an event with preparations, during the event and after the event are all really essential to make sure these events run smoothly.


BONFIRE AND FIREWORK DISPLAY  (tends to be first Sunday in November)

Volunteers really enjoy preparing for this brilliant event – firework starters, fire building, bagging sweets, preparing and selling food, making makes, and helping to tidy up on the night and the day after. 

Last year’s bonfire night raised over £3000 which will be used to subsidise Scout activities and maintain our halls.


We raised nearly £4400 for Christmas 2016 – and it’s a great way to raise funds. By buying stamps for just 20p, you (and your friends and neighbours) can buy stamps for your cards – these are all hand sorted by lovely volunteers (YOU!) and delivered out  in time for Christmas. Volunteers who helped out last year said it was loads of fun! and brings out the inner Postman Pat/alphabetical prowess in you. So, next October, please be sure to volunteer!